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    Welcome to George & Jerry
    We provide superior construction services .
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    We are more than builders
    We are your construction partners
    We stand by you through out your construction process.
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    We provide solution where others have failed
    We are what you need.
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    George & Jerry is managed by a staff with over 20 years of accumulated experience
    At your disposal
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    We are as robust as the work we do.
    We provide just the best for you.
    We take care of everything
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    We provide a range of equipment for hiring...
    We surpport you

Who we are?

We are a team that is extremely knowledgeable, with about 20 years experience in the construction industry and building trends. We are passionate about bringing projects to life, acquiring and maintaining good business relationships with our partners and clients.


we are your dream partner for constructing extraordinary buildings. Our "design, construction and maintenance" approach offers an ideal solution tailored to our clients.

Road Work

Mobility is one the major challenges faced by today’s world. Our experience in in the field earthworks and stabilisation, together with everyday activity involving road...

Hiring of Equipment

We are renowned for our long standing excellence in the design, implementation and management of supply chain solutions for construction and other related sectors.


for all the wonderful work you and your crew are doing. Our team has nothing but good things to say - we are really fortunate to have found you for this project!
HSE Manager


Since we began working with George and Jerry Co. in 2004, our relationship has been built on trust. We count on their honesty, integrity and expertise.
Sandrine Ngoune

Responsable RH & Razel Cameroun

From our first meeting, through the completion of our project, I have been impressed by the talent provided by George and Jerry Co. and the quality of their workmanship.
Jean Romeo Jipap

Project Manager & CAMTEL

Our Certificates


Trustworthy, honest and principled are a few words which come to mind when thinking about George and Jerry Construction Company Ltd. Integrity is a core value and a way of life. "we do our jobs not because we are payed to but rather because we love to."


George & Jerry Construction Company Ltd, want to become a leading construction company in Africa


Our staff is our most valuable asset. Office and on-site staff are smart, reliable and vastly experienced in the domain of construction as well as their particular field of work. We are a family connected by professional ethics and mutual respect.


George & Jerry Construction Company Ltd, strive to provide the highest quality for professional services in the construction and Telecommunication sector.


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Happy Clients

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