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George and Jerry is your dream partner for constructing extraordinary buildings. Our "design, construction and maintenance" approach offers an ideal solution tailored to our clients. Our team of experts also ensures efficient realisation of your projects.

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Public Works

Mobility is one the major challenges faced by today’s world. George and Jerry is highly experience in the field of earthworks and stabilisation, together with everyday activity involving road and rail infrastructure allow us to invest fully in new technologies to make our works more efficient and minimise the disruption to traffic

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Hiring of equipment and Supplies of Aggregates

George and Jerry is renowned for its long standing excellence in the design, implementation and management of supply chain solutions for construction and other related sectors. Our supplies ranges from aggregates( sand, gravel, crushed stone, slag, recycled concrete), Construction Equipment(Articulated Trucks, Compactors, Excavators, Motor Graders etc),Trucks and cars, office stationery , and IT equipment. We welcome you to join the global group of satisfied and loyal customers.

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George and Jerry has become a specialist in the installation of underground high voltage cables, internet cables and optical fibres for the last decade. Cables, that used to be built as overhead power lines and disgraced the landscape with their high pylons, are now being built underground using innovative techniques and respecting all regulations regarding safety and environment. Several highly satisfied clients keep on relying on our professionals offering total solutions.

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Water Works

At George and Jerry, we do not only lays (drinking) water pipes but also constructs entire water supply systems. From pumping stations and water treatment plants to building water towers. with its extensive quality assurance and impressive expertise, George and Jerry also creates exceptional water works such as the water cooling pipes for nuclear power stations.

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